1. pingparsing

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1.1. Summary

pingparsing is a CLI-tool/Python-library parser and transmitter for ping command.

2. Supported Environments

  • Linux

  • Windows

  • macOS

2.1. Tested Environments


ping version

Ubuntu 16.04

iputils-ping 20121221-5ubuntu2

Ubuntu 18.04

iputils-ping 20161105-1ubuntu2

Ubuntu 20.04

iputils-ping 20190709-3

Debian 8.6

iputils-ping 20121221-5+b2

Fedora 25


Windows 10


macOS 10.13


3. Premise

pingparsing expects the locale at the ping command execution environment with English. Parsing the ping command output with any other locale may fail. This is because the output of the ping command will change depending on the locale setting.

4. Installation

pip install pingparsing

5. Dependencies

5.1. Optional Dependencies

  • pingparsing[cli] extras
    • loguru
      • Used for logging if the package installed

    • Pygments
      • Syntax highlighting to pingparsing command output when installed

6. Docker Image

thombashi/pingparsing - Docker Hub